Stop running, just stay.

Mezzanine_399Our run will never end until we do not stop. This run for money, success, it’s an never ending cycle. We just need to stop desiring and first appreciate what we have now. Stop purchasing things that we think will make us satisfied or content, contentment is not outside it comes from inside. Stop collecting money for the fear of the future, stay in this moment, enjoy this moment, be happy in this moment, and do great karmas(actions)  of loving and helping others, automatically your future will be safe, secure and filled with success. Just focus on the present, future will take care of itself.

What makes us content? love and happiness and that can be obtained only through giving love and happiness. But most of the times we feel empty from the inside and think how to give. But we need to remind ourselves that we are souls the children of God(the Supreme Soul, Parmatma), hes  is the Ocean of love, peace and happiness and we are his children we are the embodiment of love, peace and happiness. We are souls, we are eternal these material things are finite they can not quench our thirst, never! we are infinite only the infinite can quench are thirst that is God!.

So how get connect with him?R-Pic

Through the practice of Rajyoga meditaion, which is the art of connecting ourselves(Souls) to the Supreme Soul(God). We know we want to change and even we know which things we have to change but still could not that means our soul is weak. God is the infinite source of love and peace through connecting with him we charge ourselves and become powerful Soul to change our bad habits and become divine.

To learn Rajyoga meditation contact or visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris centre. Log on to this website



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