That’s how our BK brothers and sisters look like in their white dresses at Brahma Kumaris. 

Simplicity is a very beautiful term. It is not an choice of lifestyle, instead it is an true lifestyle or a nature of a human being who should live with this, to have a balanced, peaceful and a happy life. Simplicity should never be considered as a poor living but living with what is necessary or how to use material in a limited manner. If I have a big car and a bike too then also I should prefer go to buy vegetables from the markets through walking only, that is simplicity. To have a correct and a simple approach towards life, to have a control towards your ego and unnecessary desires. That is why I mentioned above it’s an beautiful term and also it comes under spirituality. I would say simplicity is the first step towards spirituality. To live with economical and smart living, removing desires, and finding happiness in already what we have, gives us a different approach towards life, brings out our creative mind otherwise this creativity goes wasted on T.V. , mobiles and apps, roaming and spending money. And most importantly it slowly brings out spiritual interest, that this is not life- eating,sleeping,working, and never ending desires, happiness starts depending from next thing to next and never stops. My life is special, I am special and there is something more to life, a greater meaning and a greater goal. Then faith in God also comes. So it is an part of spirituality.

Our powerful speaker Bk Shivani, in her white Saree, depicting  simplicity.

Simplicity is not outer only but inside too.

  • Simplicity in talk, speaking less and speaking sweet.
  • Simplicity in thoughts, pure thoughts of helping, loving, caring and thoughts of spirituality and God.
  • Simplicity of hearing and seeing, i.e. bringing inside that content in my mind through hearing and seeing which is necessary and good for my mind otherwise close your eyes and ears.

So bringing in simplicity in your life makes us a stable and a balanced person in our lives. And also a controlled and powerful person. Be happy and be simple :).



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