Let the greatest parent God!, take care of you.

080379_68a4f1f2855b4443bc80189d53ffce7c-mv2Think of your best friend, you spend so much time with your friend, help him out so much, go to meet him whenever he calls you, talk to him, share things with him, go out together, play together, so then only you can expect from your friend something, similarly if you don’t even remember God, once in a while how come you expect him to help you out. He is waiting, when my children are going to remember me for just a minute. He is our Supreme Father(ParamPita), he is the Supreme Soul(Param Atma) and  we are souls his children. At temples and churches the whole family talk to their greatest Mother-Father, children don’t say help me my great-great grand father. We all are brothers, we all are souls, with one father supreme soul,God. So can’t we remember our greatest father once in a while? also he is our best friend actually best-est friend.

You can try this and he will really help out, start your day with thanking God for giving another beautiful morning. Before doing any work just for a minute ask God help me in this, facing any problem just ask him to help to solve this problem. Not only in problems and situations just remember him for thanking him for this beautiful life. Try it he will help you, but only with an honest heart, with an honest heart he will rain happiness upon you. So have faith in him it will take you far in life. Surrender your problems to him.

R-PicAnd if you want to get connected with God, and receive his blessings and help, also want to experience the infinite peace and bliss, that can only be received through RAJYOGA Meditation taught by Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University. I am experiencing bliss and I also want you too have that feeling.





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