I Forgive, I Relive

o-HAPPINESS-facebookForgiving people is important in life to move on, for becoming peaceful and becoming free from creating thoughts of negativity for other person. That is important and good but, forgiveness is not only forgiving that person who did really wrong thing in our life for a long time, no but a daily practice, actually a practice which is a quality. And makes me more stronger and peaceful. Let’s understand it in three points:

1.In Daily lives, if someone says something wrong to us intentionally or unintentionally, we keep that thought in our minds and keep on repeating whole day, actually for days and days, which becomes the cause of stress, because we created so many thoughts and plus negativity for someone. Also lose our precious present moment. That is the point where we need to forgive and forget. Forgive them not for them but for the sake of your peace of mind and happiness. Meditation is the best way to develop the power of being in the moment.

2.Irritation is also a part of having negativity and disregard for others, if we get irritated just suddenly check yourself and say to yourself “My happiness and my peace of mind is most important than these thoughts, I only give love to everyone” , say it in your mind whenever you get irritated, or just you can say “I am loveful soul”, that will remind us that I am being of love and I only give love to everyone.

3.And the third thing is forgiving myself, whenever we do something wrong, hurt someone with our words, we need to forgive ourselves because past is past, we only have our present in our hand to make our future beautiful. And focusing doing as much good actions we can do in present. How much wrong we did its gone now, now we have the time to make it right.n-YOGA-large570

Meditation Practice : Close your eyes, take few deep breathes, then slowly visualize the people who have hurt you in someway or another, and with deep love forgive them and visualize sending them good vibrations of love and peace, giving them blessings in the form of white rays. Same goes if you have hurt someone, apologize to them and give them blessing and good vibrations.

If still you can not able to forgive and forget, then you know where to go, at your nearest Brahma Kumaris centrehttp://brahmakumaris.org/ search it here.

OM SHANTI(I am a peaceful Soul)


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