Let’s meet the most Stable mind in the whole world.


World’s most stable mind.

She is the administrative head or spiritual head of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya i.e. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Born in 1916, so currently Dadi is 101 years old. She has been thus engaged since 1937 and also spent 40 years based in London from 1974. At the age of 101, she still continues to give lectures, do meditation, travels to different countries for spiritual conferences; she wakes up at 3 am and sleeps at 10 pm, she’s an challenge to Science!, now still enlightening and inspiring over one million students from around the world. 2_comp_1

In 1978, Scientists at the Medical and Science, Research Institute at the University of Texas, USA examined the brain wave pattern of Dadi Janki. She was described as the most stable mind in the world as her mental state remained completely undisturbed even while performing complicated mental exercises. The EEG(Electroencephalogram) of Dadi Janki continuously showed Delta waves, while she was cooking, while eating, while giving lecture, while doing arithmetical calculations, while taking, while sleeping, all the time!.

(Delta brainwaves are slow, loud brainwaves- low frequency and deep penetrating, like a drum beat. They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state.)

Hope you are amazed to know about Dadi Janki, if you want to be like Dadi then learn Rajyoga Meditation, taught at Brahma Kumaris. And become peaceful.




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