Do not give remote control of your mood to others.

remote-r6qubqFrom a long time we are giving blame to others for becoming sad, angry or irritated. We always say that because of him/her we got angry, he/she said something wrong to me that’s why I got sad. No this is not the reason, this means that making us angry or sad is very easy, just take the remote control of our mood and press the ‘Make him angry’ button right? that’s what the situation seems to be. Yes this is what happens but we don’t like this, so what to do?, Firstly we need to clearly understand that getting upset or angry is my CHOICE, whenever someone says something wrong to me we always have choice to get upset or not, I know sometimes there are hurting words or actions but still in the end its our choice to stay calm, forgive the person in my mind and forget it or get disturbed and keeping that thought in mind and wasting our present moment. For that we need to develop the power of forgetting and being in the moment and most importantly power to forgive, no matter what! we need to forgive, because we do not want to waste our precious time in thinking of the negative happened in the past, just forgive and forget and enjoy your present.

Few examples, someone says somethings wrong to us, it happens and goes away, but we are the ones who bring back that thought in our mind, repeated it and created hurt. So, that person not gave me hurt, I created it. I am responsible for my emotions not others, else I would have created a thought “that is a good person, he might have said accidentally or unconsciously, I give him a blessing of peace” , see so much difference it would have created in that moment and I would have continued to be calm and happy. I still would say creating this thought at that moment might be tough but for our peace of mind we need to practice positive thinking and giving blessings in mind.

One more power which will help us is power of Acceptance, accepting everyone as they are, no matter what kind of attitude, habits and perspective they carry but accepting them. This helps me to stay calm in every situations. Accept that every soul is carrying different Sanskaras(habits/resolves) and according to that they are behaving. A negative Sankara, so don’t get angry instead be merciful and helpful to them.

To have a total control over your mood and learn to be peaceful all the time, that can be achieved only and only through Rajyoga Meditation, taught at Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University.



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