Let me introduce you to God!

Just like a human beings father and mother are humans, similarly we are souls, we are a point of light in the center of the forehead, so how our father-mother must look like? a soul! a point of light!. That is why we call him Paramatma(the Supreme Soul). We are souls and he is the Supreme soul.34qp5rs

In every religion, religious leaders remembered God as a point of light.

In Hinduism, which is basically is in Bharat/India. In India, the temples of ‘Shiva’ are found throughout the country. They are variously known as Rameshwaram(meaning the Lord of Rama), Gopeshwar(meaning the lord of Krishna), Amarnath, Vishwanath, Somnath, etc., which are the various attributive names describing the divine acts and qualities of God Shiva. The name Shiva refers here to incorporeal God and not to ‘shankar’ who is a subtle deity and is symbolic of the task of destruction of the old world. And If we see a Shiva-Linga which is in a form of an earthen lamp proves that or depicts that God’s form is of light and Shiva-linga is the symbol of God himself.

In Muslims, where Muslims go for ‘Haj'(pilgrimage), there is a holy stone called ‘Sang-e-Aswad’ kept at “khana-e-kaba’. It is noteworthy that ‘Sang-e-Aswad’ has strikingly resemblance to ‘Shiva-Linga’, hence it proves that Muslims also remember God in a form of light.The-Kabah-370x297

Jews and Christians believe that Moses had a vision of God in the form of flame of light. They call him ‘Jehovah’. Christ as well sa Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, both said that God is one and he is light.

In Japan, there is a sect whose members concentrate on a oval-shaped stone called ‘Chinkon Seki’ which means the peace-giver.

There is ample archaeological evidence to show that the ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Greeks, American-Indians and Indonesians worshiped the oval-stone.

Shiva’s worship is the oldest worship known to man and the concept of God as a form of light is Universal in character.

So every religion or sect of people remembered God Shiva/God in a form of light. Here God’s name Shiva is not related to Hinduism but according to his attribute, God’s self revealed name is ‘Shiva’. Shiva means benevolent, the benefactor of all souls and bestows peace and bliss on them.COmMDevU8AEKQ82

All this information is provided in the 7-day course taught by Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University. GOD himself revealed this knowledge because God only can reveal himself not someone else and he is teaching us Rajyoga meditation to become soul consciousness. Get to know more God and Brahma Kumaris at http://www.brahmakumaris.org/

Om Shanti


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